Noble Cohesion is about making a difference for people, animals and nature.

In NC we want to spread the message that everything is one. Nothing is separated, we are all connected and a part of everything that surrounds us. Once we truly understand this, we will be able to make a big difference personally, locally, nationally and globally.

Everyone should not be the same or think the same way. But we have to be able to agree on a number of standpoints. If people are defiant and take extreme positions, it is impossible to live in coherence.
We have to learn from each other and show tolerance of our differences. You need to think cohesion into everything you do in your life. You can indeed do something for yourself but at the same time avoid everything that´s harmful to any other living creature or to the planet we inhabit.

I don´t expect you to change everything from one day to the other, but if you make a true effort, it will make a change and inspire others to do the same. I´m not perfect myself, but I do everything I can in order to improve myself and my surroundings. It´s possible that someone thinks it is of no use. They are wrong!
Even the smallest effort can create a chain reaction. Just trying to do something good for someone or something other than yourself is a big step. Keep going, although you may not see the results of your good actions yourself. They make a difference!
We work towards inclusion and openness, so we´re not trying to put anyone in the stocks or expose them in anything, not even the worst.
We are not “activists” or “conspiracy theorists”, nor do we belong to a political party or any religion. Instead, through dialogue, we seek to speak to the best in all people, get them to change and use their strength for a common cause-namely cohesion.

In Noble Cohesion we believe that what you think, you attract. Your thoughts become your reality. This is why you have to focus on taking control of what you think. It is important not to be out of touch with reality and forget everything that happens around you. You have to register it and relate to it, but not become part of all the negativity yourself. Don´t give it energy and help it grow. Don´t let yourself be fixated in the collective straitjacket and agree to support all the negativity directly nor indirectly. But this requires a change of consciousness.

As an active member in Noble Cohesion, you have, among other things, the opportunity to become aware of your habits, opinions and thought patterns and start working with them. You get a chance to find out who you really are and find the courage to be that person. When you dare to take responsibility for yourself and your surroundings and therefor try to live in cohesion, this will provide more content in life. In addition, you also get inspiration and a social network. You gain understanding and support with different issues and situations, as well as possibly your own project.