Through my lifelong work in martial arts, I have made friendships and networks internationally. Therefore, I have chosen to spread the word about Noble Cohesion through there as a start. There is also a very special thing about real martial artists, which is that they all contain a certain part of the same values as in Noble Cohesion and they often take their own personal development seriously. They know that everything starts with themselves. Dealing with their own consciousness is already a big part of their lives. They are not afraid to embark on a task that, for most, may seem impossible.
I´m looking to meet those people who have their hearts in the right place and are sincere and genuine. Those who wish for something positive for everybody else.

We must not neglect this struggle, it is after all about our descendants and our fellow creatures and ultimately it is about our own legacy as human beings on earth.
You can choose to win trophies and medals from each other, but there will be a majority of losers. We can buy and sell stocks at just the right time, but once again there will be a majority of losers and I could go on and on.
We must raise each other´s energy instead of winning over each other.

When I teach Martial Arts, I always say: “You fight with yourself and with others. You do not fight against anyone, that is a fight, in which you cannot win. If you try to win that fight, you will realize that it never stops and that it therefore cannot be won”. With this said, I am not against anyone but with everyone hoping to find cohesion.

In Noble Cohesion it is a way of thinking as well as a way of living. I don´t want this message to be “mass-produced” on social media, we´re getting nowhere there. Everything has to be done through conversation.

I sincerely hope that you will help me, make a difference.

Shihan Kurt Ørum